Student Incubator

The Lepage Center Student Incubator is a place for students to develop their ideas while providing the tools and resources required to start a venture. Students in the incubator participate in Spark Hours and have access to Innovators-in-Residence and pro-bono legal services. Any students interested in becoming part of the Student Incubator should contact Timekia Mallery.  

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Spark Hours 

Spark Hours are sessions where students can work on new ideas in an individual or group setting. During Spark Hours, students get peer-to-peer help with their ventures from Lepage Student Fellows, allowing students at the beginning stage of their startup to develop their ideas and to work on the company’s Business Model Canvas. These scheduled hours also provide the opportunity for students to engage with mentors and other professionals. Spark Hours hosts Group Jam Sessions for student to connect with other startups on campus. 

Virtual Pitch Friday Competitions

Virtual Pitch Friday is an excellent opportunity for student startups to pitch their ventures to a panel of judges and receive valuable feedback to incorporate into their ventures. This competition continues to motivate many student startups in the beginning phases to push their ideas to the next level. The Virtual Pitch Friday Competition is open to all Tulane students across campus, and it helps cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in students. In addition to valuable feedback on their pitch, Virtual Pitch Friday winners receive a cash prize. 

Mentor Office Hours

Meet with one of our accomplished and knowledgeable Innovators-in-Residence, mentors, entrepreneurs and professionals who can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. 

Legal Office Hours

Get guidance on the legal needs associated with your startup through legal office hours.

2021-2022 Student Incubator Companies

  • All Season Apparel - makes comfortable clothes for campus life and city trips. They provide eco-friendly outfits in your favorite campus colors from sweatshirts and crop tops to shorts for all students, parents, alums and campus athletes.
  • AK Vending, LLC - puts disposable, single-use phone chargers in bars and festivals. The main target is music festivals.
  • Beulr - records any live content, any time, whether or not you can be in attendance. Access all recordings in one place. A DVR service for your life. Consume at your own pace, on the video player of your choice, at any time.
  • Brewsy - a winemaking kit that allows you to turn any juice into wine in five days.
  • CarBe - allows users to unlock and start their car with their smartphone and share access on a mobile platform.
  • Electric Air - provides comprehensive airline transportation service and infrastructure development for electric air mobility aircraft.
  • Fanfix - a premium-content subscription platform for influencers to monetize their fan base.
  • Founder - an app looking to connect student startups/projects/clubs to student talent.
  • Green Disco - a public benefit corporation that provides events and artists the tools and resources to help them become environmentally friendly. They partner with organizers to implement eco-friendly initiatives that engage their fan base at the point of purchase, on-site, and beyond the event site.
  • Memoryz - is redefining family-focused dementia care through task reminders, mood support and a caregiver network built with anecdotal support messages.
  • ResidencyReady: will take the oversupply of medical graduates, educate them in ways to obtain the necessary training and licensure to become surgical assitants, and outsource their talent to hospitals and surgical groups.
  • Rize - provides students with remote, productive, hands-on, short-term and goal-oriented work experiences anytime, anywhere. Rize provides companies with the opportunity to explore a diverse talent pool by redesigning the interactions between businesses and students.
  • Salon22 - is a membership-based professional women’s club and idea hub connecting leaders and changemakers. Members will enjoy a stunning, thoughtfully designed space for coworking, networking, nurturing and growing, along with events like speakers, coaching, evenings with politicians and more. Salon22 provides women with the resources and socially-conscious community needed to create real change.
  • Sexy Cakes - cooks and delivers quality, affordable and delicious breakfast food. Catered towards the convenience of students, Sexy Cakes offers well-priced meals through both a user-friendly Shopify website and via Venmo, can efficiently deliver to any campus dorm within 30 minutes, and directly communicates with customers through Instagram and text.
  • Shot Pops - are lollipops that replace the need for a chaser when drinking alcohol. It is a great solution for younger audiences who are of drinking age and a fun novelty item.
  • Simple Cars - is an online platform that connects new car buyers who are looking to build out a custom vehicle with dealers who are able to provide that build at the lowest cost. We also finance the sale of new vehicles and sell the collection of debt to larger banks for profit.
  • Tap N Buzz - is a tap system paired with OMNY reader technology that provides a one-stop shop for beer-lovers to self-serve their preferred beverage. Users simply approach the Tap, touch their card to the OMNY reader, and their selected quantity is dispensed. The Tap N Buzz product is designed for venues with high foot traffic to help their patrons further enjoy their time by eliminating lines.
  • TeacHer - is a series of women's skills seminars designed to teach young women skills from typically male-dominated fields. These fields range from more hands-on jobs, such as auto repair, electrical and carpentry, to jobs like business management, finance and law.
  • Vize - is an accessible and resourceful service for college applications. What makes Vize unique is they provide all the necessary data on colleges, forums and social media for students (or parents) to ask questions, and research strategies on how to gain admission to the colleges on our platform - all for free. Vize will also offer competitively priced services such as college planning and essay editing/planning.
  • Wait Less - is a quicker, more individualized way to search for restaurants. Users will be able to search for specific items or cuisine, and share preferences with friends and family. In addition to the search engine, users will be able to rate restaurants based on a holistic review, instead of the traditional star review, on several categories including price, ambiance, food quality and service.
  • Willful - creates guided E-Wills for end consumers using the blockchain to make the process more secure, more efficient and less stressful. This is a forward-looking product that plans on disrupting the tech-deficient market of will and estate planning. NFT’s market is in 4 states currently but will expand as legislation allows E-wills in more states.