Student Incubator

The Lepage Center Student Incubator is a place for students to develop their ideas while providing the tools and resources required to start a venture. Students in the incubator participate in Spark Hours and have access to Innovators-in-Residence and pro-bono legal services. Any students interested in becoming part of the Student Incubator should contact Timekia Mallery.  

Spark Hours 

Spark Hours are sessions where students can work on new ideas in an individual or group setting. During Spark Hours, students get peer-to-peer help with their ventures from Lepage Student Fellows, allowing students at the beginning stage of their startup to develop their ideas and to work on the company’s Business Model Canvas. These scheduled hours also provide the opportunity for students to engage with mentors and other professionals. Spark Hours hosts Group Jam Sessions for student to connect with other startups on campus. 

Virtual Pitch Friday Competitions

Virtual Pitch Friday is an excellent opportunity for student startups to pitch their ventures to a panel of judges and receive valuable feedback to incorporate into their ventures. This competition continues to motivate many student startups in the beginning phases to push their ideas to the next level. The Virtual Pitch Friday Competition is open to all Tulane students across campus, and it helps cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in students. In addition to valuable feedback on their pitch, Virtual Pitch Friday winners receive a cash prize. 

Mentor Office Hours

Meet with one of our accomplished and knowledgeable Innovators-in-Residence, mentors, entrepreneurs and professionals who can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. 

Legal Office Hours

Get guidance on the legal needs associated with your startup through legal office hours.

2020-2021 Student Incubator Companies

  • Abraham & Isaac LLC - Serves the New Orleans Area and Gulf South region by providing emergency and construction management.
  • All Season Apparel - Encourages people no matter what gender to represent their “inner Daddy or Papi” by providing high-quality sustainable campus apparel for all students, parents, alums and campus athletes. 
  • Beulr - An online meeting attender. The first-ever tool of its type, Beulr allows users to be in two places at once.
  • Brewsy - A winemaking kit that allows you to turn any juice into wine in five days.
  • CarBe - Allows users to unlock and start their car with their smartphone and allows users to share access on a mobile platform. 
  • Clementine - Online event planning platform streamlining the planning process for small to medium-sized events.
  • Cutmo - Online platform to help connect customers to stylists in the most efficient way possible and help stylists find new customers looking for a great service. 
  • Dandelion - Gamification platform to teach young people about personal finance.
  • DAWn – A software that allows for the recording, production, and editing of audio. 
  • D.Verse - Elevates creative expression that’s different and versatile. D.VERSE is the manifestation of imagination, home to provide creators the tools, environment and foundation to influence culture. 
  • FALA - Dating-like matching app to assist in language learning. 
  • Film Rebel - An online media distribution and viewing platform, directed towards the development of independent filmmaking. 
  • Founder - An app looking to connect student startups/projects/clubs to student talent.
  • Fuel Our Heroes - Supports the heroes on the frontline fighting COVID-19 by raising money to go towards personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, groceries, gas cards, childcare, and housing for the medical professionals risking their lives for our safety.
  • Greedient - A browser extension that helps identify products that have food allergens for Uber Eats and Postmates etc. 
  • MajorDōmois - Co-living community that allows young-professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to reclaim their time. The tenants will enjoy the company of talented and creative minds right in their own home and the shared spaces of the community will facilitate “cross-pollination”.
  • Memoryz - Improves quality of life, preserves relationships and creates impact across a multitude of disease profiles. It provides support for caregivers and care receivers by addressing their unique requirements in an integrated system.
  • Nightly - Platform that links Local independent artists looking for concert/gig opportunities with Local small music venues.
  • No-Dium - Seeks to give consumers ultimate freedom in food choice by using a patent-pending sodium removal technology, in the form of both a post-consumption pharmaceutical and pre-consumption food solution.
  • ResidencyReady® - Takes the oversupply of medical graduates and educates them in ways to obtain the necessary training and licensure. After training the company outsources its talent to hospitals and surgical groups.
  • Rize - Provides students with remote, productive, hands-on, short-term, and goal-oriented work experiences anytime, anywhere. Rize provides companies with the opportunity to explore a diverse talent pool by redesigning the interactions between businesses and students.
  • Seat Seeker - Sensors that help people find open study spaces at schools or libraries. 
  • Sexy Cakes - Cooks and delivers quality, affordable and delicious breakfast food. Sexy Cakes caters to the convenience of students and offers well-priced meals and can efficiently deliver to any campus dorm within 30 minutes. 
  • Speedie Bean - Cold-brew coffee delivery startup. Brews and delivers quart and half-gallon bottles of coffee to students on or off-campus.
  • Spirit Fruit - Ready-to-drink beverage made with premium vodka, real fruit, and simple soda water and has no added sugar.
  • Vize - Accessible and resourceful service for college applications which provides all the necessary data on colleges, forums and social media for students (or parents) to ask questions, and researched strategies on how to gain admission to the colleges on our platform - all for free.
  • Vocatix - A software application that could revolutionize music creation by providing an innovative platform for artists and producers to collaborate and interact with live audiences.