Choosing a Business Major

The Freeman School offers four majors, five minors and two specializations for undergraduate students earning the Bachelor of Science in Management. Students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • General core classes required by Newcomb-Tulane College (all undergraduates)
  • Business core requirements (all business students)
  • Required classes for the chosen major (varies by major)
  • Business electives from areas outside the major (all business students) 

When choosing a major, think about what you are passionate about, since your engagement in your classes will play a big role in driving your success. Your major of choice does not limit your career possibilities! Review the required courses and electives for each major, and find four classes that you find intriguing, then see what major accommodates these interests.

Graduation Requirements

The checklists linked below list all courses required for graduation, including Newcomb-Tulane College Core Curriculum and Freeman School of Business classes.  Current students are encouraged to log into Gibson and select Degree Works Audit to check their progress and to meet with their Business Academic Advisor to review course selection.