"Since I didn't have much room in my schedule, my business minor was a great option to help me diversify my studies. It allowed me the opportunity to get some experience on the business end of things, and ultimately gave me the one up I needed to get my job."
Annie Diebold

BSM, 2010

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Business Minor

For Business Majors

If you’ve declared a business major with Freeman, you are already propelling yourself toward career success. With a specialized business minor, you can differentiate yourself even further when you enter the marketplace.

Undergraduate business students who meet the requirements for an additional area of focus within the business school can declare a minor in accounting (ACCN), finance (FINE), legal studies in business (LGST), marketing (MKTG) or management (MGMT).

In our interconnected world, business collides and overlaps in complex ways. Add a minor in a specialized business discipline and prepare for whatever avenues your career path may follow.


For Non-Business Majors

Freeman’s Business Minor Summer Institute is an accelerated program that provides students with the fundamental business skills needed to shine in the corporate world. In just 10 weeks, you’ll earn up to 23.5 credits and acquire a business minor. In the process, you’ll gain the business knowledge, professionalism, connections and confidence to jumpstart your career.

Make connections with Freeman’s most distinguished faculty members. Diversify your academic portfolio. Open doors for employment opportunities along your career path.

The Business Minor Summer Institute will equip you with the additional knowledge and skills you need to start your career with confidence.

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