Majoring in Legal Studies in Business

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A major in Legal Studies in Business introduces you to the principles of the law, social values, moral concerns, financial regulation, insurance, risk management, and intellectual property, to name a few, and how these concepts relate to business and commerce. The Legal Studies major helps students develop essential non-quantitative reasoning skills that leaders must use in making complicated choices under circumstances of empirical and moral uncertainty – a common theme in rapidly changing markets. Legal Studies majors develop many analytic skills, including the ability to identify legal and moral issues concealed within complicated and multifaceted fact patterns; the ability to use legal and moral principles to form ethical and legal conclusions; the ability to reason by analogy between like cases and circumstances; and the ability to argue from legal and moral rules and precedents to form logically consistent recommendations for action.

To complete a Legal Studies in Business major, two courses are required:

  • In Business Law, you’ll start with the basics of contracts, then explore the intersections of law and business, including business entities, basics of contracts, mergers, bankruptcy, and specialized topics like property law, insurance law and estate law.
  • In Legal Writing and Research, you’ll be introduced to legal databases and learn how to interpret and apply case law and to draft memoranda and briefs.

You’ll take 12 hours of Legal Studies electives, choosing from courses covering a wide variety of topics including taxation, discrimination, employment, e-commerce and white-collar crime. Sample classes include:

  • In Preventing Discrimination in Business, you’ll examine the effect of legal and regulatory requirements on business decisions regarding issues of race and inclusion. The course focuses on the legal requirements and ethical implications of business decisions regarding racial and discriminatory issues in a variety of business endeavors.
  • Billions of people are active on social media, and firms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba are among the world’s most valuable and influential. The Law of E-Commerce covers topics including dispute resolution, cyber torts, crimes, intellectual property issues, risk management, information security and privacy issues.
  • White Collar Crime addresses the unlawful activities that damage major corporations and financial institutions; Federal, state and local governments; and private organizations and individuals. You’ll earn about specific offenses such as fraud, obstruction of justice, bribery, environmental crime, computer crimes, currency crimes, insider trading and RICO.

As a legal studies major, you may be able to take advantage of special opportunities only available at Freeman.

  • You can apply for Court Watch, a service-learning course that will send you into court to analyze the efficiency of the New Orleans criminal justice system by observing how judges preside over criminal trials.
  • You may choose to take Mock Trial, a year-long course that includes simulation exercises involving trial preparation and trial procedures, including motion filing and oral arguments.

In addition to elective requirements within your major, you will also complete 12 hours of general business electives. For these courses, you can choose from any area, as long as you are not also counting them toward your major requirements. With electives, you can explore topics outside your major that will apply to the career path you ultimately choose.

Preparation for a Legal Studies Major

These select business core courses will help prepare you for some of the concepts and skills that you will apply in the Legal Studies in Business major:

  • LGST 3010 Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Environment of Business
  • MCOM 3010 Management Communication

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

  • LGST 4100 Business Law
  • LGST 4110 Legal Writing & Research

Legal Studies Electives

Select four of the following:

  • LGST 3890 Court Watch Service Learning Instructor approval required.
  • LGST 4040 Preventing Discrimination in Business
  • LGST 4120 International Business Law
  • LGST 4140 Insurance & Risk Management
  • LGST 4150 Real Estate Law
  • LGST 4160 Law of E-Commerce
  • LGST 4170 Employment Law
  • LGST 4175 White Collar Crime I - Conspiracy, Fraud, and Other Offenses
  • LGST 4180 Sports & Entertainment Law
  • LGST 4185 White Collar Crime II - Scams and Scandals
  • LGST 4210 & LGST 4220 Mock Trial and Mock Trial II Instructor approval required. This year long sequence must be taken in its entirety.
  • MGMT 4170 Negotiations
  • MKTG 4275 Law in Marketing
  • TAXN 4100 Principles of Entity Taxation

Note: Not all electives are offered every semester.

Current students are encouraged to log into Gibson and select Degree Works Audit to check their progress and to meet with their Business Academic Advisor to review course selection.

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