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The Study Abroad & Exchange Office is pleased to present the Global Guides student leadership organization in the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

Board of Directors

Photo of Cat Cansler

Cat Cansler
Director of Finance

Photo of Grace Gallic

Grace Gallic
Director of Student Outreach

Photo of James King

James King

Photo of Soraya J. Labranche

Soraya J. Labranche
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Photo of Gabriela Munoz

Gabriela Munoz
Director of Brand Management


Photo of Isabel Braverman

Isabel Braverman
Global Guides Member

Photo of Jacobo Erice

Jacobo Erice
Global Guides Member

Photo of Sebastian Gonzalez

Sebastian Gonzalez
Global Guides Member

Photo Anna Hobbins

Anna Hobbins
Global Guides Member

Photo of Abbey Hochreiner

Abbey Hochreiner
Global Guides Member

Photo of Josef Kiesenhofer

Josef Kiesenhofer
Global Guides Member

Photo of Ignacio Lafitte

Ignacio Laffitte
Global Guides Member

Photo of Zoe Ortiz

Zoë Ortiz
Global Guides Member

Photo of Kate Polizzi

Kate Polizzi
Global Guides Member

Photo of Sarah Quarles

Sarah Quarles
Global Guides Member


Photo of Alex Duffy

Alex Duffy
Class of 2021

Photo of Caroline Flynn

Caroline Flynn
Class of 2021

Photo of Diana Lucia Gonzalez

Diana Lucia Gonzalez
Class of 2021

Photo of Mary Alice Juengling

Mary Alice Juengling
Class of 2021

Photo of Audrey Kim

Audrey Kim
Class of 2021

Photo of Bente Koeleman

Bente Koeleman
Fall 2019

Photo of Jane Prior

Jane Prior
Class of 2020

Photo of Margo Schnapf

Margo Schnapf
Class of 2021

Photo of Renata Vidal

Renata Vidal
Fall 2021

Photo of Corinna Zengel

Corinna Zengel
Class of 2022

Photo of Bradley Zhi

Bradley Zhi
Fall 2019

Photo of Leo Zhu

Leo Zhu
Class of 2022

Krewe du Monde Buddy Program

In 2020, the Global Guides founded the Krewe du Monde buddy program to help exchange students transition to life at Tulane. Learn more about the program, look at photos, and apply to be a buddy here!

What is the Global Guides Program?

We are a leadership organization of students who have studied abroad, international students, and students passionate about making Freeman an internationally-minded community.

Our mission is to create a vibrant, globally-aware community in the A.B. Freeman School of Business by sharing our experiences, making meaningful connections, and partnering with the Study Abroad & Exchange Office to promote our mission.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is the executive board of the organization. Directors take on a larger responsibility and further develop leadership roles. Directors lead committees of fellow Global Guides and work closely with Freeman Study Abroad & Exchange to execute projects that further the club's mission.

The Board of Directors positions are:

  • Chairperson presides at all meetings and coordinates the work of the officers and committees.
  • Director of Finance oversees the organization's approved budget as well as receipts and expenses.
  • Director of Student Outreach coordinates events for the Global Guides to reach students.
  • Director of Diversity and Inclusion works to develop more inclusive programming for the Global Guides and Freeman Abroad.
  • Director of Brand Management works on creating and maintaining the image of Global Guides through social media platforms.
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships cultivates relationships between the Global Guides and campus/ community partners.
  • Director of Engagement is responsible for the Krewe du Monde Buddy Program, which facilitates the connection between exchange students and Freeman students.
  • Director of Career Development helps Global Guides, study abroad participants, and exchange students identify how they can apply their experiences to their career and long-term goals. This director works closely with the Career Management Center.
  • Director of Community Relations serves as the link between the Global Guides and A.B. Freeman School of Business faculty and staff to coordinate events.

Who can be a Global Guide?

If you are studying business at Tulane and are interested in international education, we invite you to apply! Our members and alumni include students who have or are currently studying abroad, students on exchange at Tulane (semester, year, double-degree), and students who just want to meet international students, network, and develop programs to promote our mission.

If you are a Freeman student and have studied abroad or are currently studying abroad:

Apply here

If you are currently an international student on exchange at Tulane or will be soon:

Apply here

All other Freeman students:

Apply here

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