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Freeman Business Writing Center

The Freeman Business Writing Center (FBWC) helps Freeman students sharpen their writing skills as they prepare written communications for their business courses. In one-on-one or small group appointments, writing instructors work with students across the curriculum to help them strengthen their business writing skills. Writing Center instructors help students learn to self-edit their own memos, case analyses, reports, and other business documents, giving them a tool that will serve them throughout their career. With a focus on grammar, organization, and clarity, students learn how to identify and correct weak areas in their writing.

Our writing instructors have varied backgrounds, from graduate degrees in English or business to experience as university instructors or professional editors. Our legal coaches are law students or lawyers. At your appointment, you will decide with the writing instructor what aspect of your writing you want to focus on. Topics you might discuss include the following:

  • Audience and purpose
  • Macro and micro organization
  • Logical organization
  • Professional tone
  • Appropriate document design and layout
  • Solid sentence syntax
  • Standard grammar and mechanics for business style

*Please note: The Writing Center can help you develop the skills to proofread and revise your own essay, but we will not edit your paper for you.


How to make an online appointment

Freeman Students have two ways of receiving remote writing feedback from the Writing Center Instructors. When you log in to WCONLINE to make an appointment, you will see two types of appointments—Online and e-tutoring—listed under each Writing Instructor’s name. The type of appointment you chose will depend upon how you wish to receive feedback, what kind of class schedule you have, the time zone you are in, or other considerations,

  1. Online. You can make an appointment to have a real-time appointment with a Writing Instructor through Zoom. With this type of appointment, you and the Writing Instructor will go over your paper through shared screens. You can ask the Writing Instructor questions, just as if you were meeting in the Writing Center. To schedule a virtual, live appointment in WCONLINE, select Online appointment. 
  2. E-Tutoring. A Writing Instructor can review your paper independent of a meeting through E-tutoring. For this type of appointment, you will attach your paper when you make the WCONLINE appointment. The Writing Instructor will review the paper, make notes and comments directly on the file, and upload the comments on your assignment to WCONLINE. Later on, you can log back into WCONLINE and view the annotated document. To schedule this type of appointment, select E-tutoring in WCONLINE.

Regardless of the type of appointment you choose, please make sure your paper is double-spaced, and is in .doc or .docx format. WCONLINE will take only those two formats.

Writing instruction is always valuable, whether the delivery is face-to-face or though written comments on the paper. In our flexible learning environment, the Writing Center instructors stand ready, as always, to give you writing advice and helpful tips.

Good luck with your writing assignments!

Why Use the Freeman Business Writing Center?

The Freeman School established the Business Writing Center to give our students the opportunity to gain an advantage in the marketplace by developing superior communication skills. Writing is vital in the business world, and Freeman provides the opportunity to develop this important skill. Throughout your career, you will be in competition with professionals who did develop their writing skills.

If your goal is to acquire a solid foundation of business knowledge, become competent in your field, and master skills you will use to successfully pursue your career goals, then how you write your class assignments will be just as important to you as what business information you include in them.

Whether you realize it or not, quality counts, no matter what business major you are studying and plan to pursue. The quality of your work in doing financial analyses, accounting audits, marketing plans, management practices, strategic planning, or other business tasks paints a picture of who you are professionally.

Regardless of your field, you will have to communicate with clients and customers, present your business well to prospective interested parties, describe your services so potential customers can find your business, and convey your product or services attractively to build your customer base and avoid misunderstandings.

Internally, you will have to communicate effectively with subordinates and upper management, promote your skills and talents to your bosses, establish a good reputation, and work cooperatively with your colleagues if you plan to succeed and get ahead. Writing is a skill that all of these business areas and activities have in common. 

The Writing Center is available to all Freeman students who want to work to become superior business communicators. You can schedule an appointment by visiting


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