Distinguished Entrepreneurs of the Year

Kathy Fields with Dean Solomon


The 2019 Tulane Distinguished Entrepreneurs of the Year: Katie Rodan and Kathy Feilds

A distinguished honor bestowed upon those who have exemplified true entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic generosity.

  • 2018: Mr. Patrick Comer (photos)
  • 2017: Mr. James J. Buquet, III (photos
  • 2016: Mr. Chris Papamichael and Mr. Matthew Schwartz (photos
  • 2015: Mr. James E. Maurin, Co-Founder of Stirling Properties (photos)
  • 2014: Ms. Ti Martin, Co-Owner, Commander's Palace (photos
  • 2013: Dr. John B. Elstrott , former Executive Director of the Levy-Rosenblum Institute (photos)
  • 2012: Mr. Jerry Greenbaum of CentraArchy Affliates (photos)
  • 2011: Mr. Albert Lepage of Lepage Bakeries (photos)
  • 2010: Mr. Bertrand A., Mr. George H. and Mr. Peter A. Wilson of Barriere Construction (photos)
  • 2009: Mr. Rick S. Rees of Longvue Capital (photos)
  • 2008: Mr. James Reiss of Reiss Companies (photos)
  • 2007: Mr. C. Berdon Lawrence of Kirby Corporation (photos)
  • 2005: Mr. John E. Koerner III of Koerner Capital
  • 2004: Mr. Frank B. Stewart Jr. of Stewart Capital
  • 2003: Mr. William A. Goldring of Republic Beverages
  • 2002: Mr. Albert Fraenkel of Fraenkel Furniture
  • 2001: Mr. Sidney Besthoff of K & B Stores (Currently Rite-Aid)