Noshir Pesika

What problem is your work helping to solve?

Adhesives are commonly used in several fields, such as electronics and medicine, as well as for everyday use by the general public. However, adhesives are generally formulated for one-time use and upon removal, there may be damage to or a residue left on the opposing surface.

What solution are you working toward and why is it innovative?

Our goal is to create an adhesive that is reusable. The solution is inspired by the sticky pads of the gecko lizard which has the unique ability to attach and detach repeatedly to almost any material.

What applications does your research have for Tulane entrepreneurs and the broader business community?

The gecko-inspired adhesive can potentially be adapted for applications in a wide range of fields. For example, a biocompatible version of this adhesive can potentially used to replace staples or sutures in the medical field. We hope to identify other industries where we can tailor the gecko-inspired adhesives to meet the requirements and we encourage the broader business community to join us in these efforts.