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Lorraine Landry
MME Admissions Team Leader




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Master of Management in Energy Admissions

Learn Advanced Skills in Demand by Recruiters

Graduates of the Master of Management in Energy program will be qualified for jobs with energy companies, banks, financial services and consulting firms, utilities, trading organizations, and government agencies.

The Master of Management in Energy has received STEM designation

Tulane University’s Master of Management in Energy is a STEM-designated program. STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and math. The U.S. government recognizes that expertise in these fields is an important driver of innovation and job creation. The Master of Management in Energy (MME) program achieved STEM designation because its curriculum integrates information technology, quantitative methods, and data analysis, important tools for career success on the leading edge of energy management.  International students completing STEM-designated programs in the U.S. are encouraged to stay after graduation and contribute their knowledge and skill while gaining work experience related to their field of study.